Why do I collect ingredients during the game? And what do they help me with?

Ingredients are the core of Food Battle: The Game and Ian’s Mom will always be ready to cook up your favorite Food Battle weapons. You collect ingredients during quests by smashing up chests that you find scattered around the environments and killing the evil donut minions. Ian’s Mom keeps her recipes super secret so when you collect an ingredient for a new recipe it will be displayed in Ian’s Mom’s kitchen.  


If you find a recipe for an item and you are having trouble finding ingredients, be sure to visit Stevie’s shop and see what you can find in the noodle boxes. You can click directly on the missing ingredient in Ian’s Mom’s kitchen and that will direct you to the noodle box containing that ingredient. Remember, it’s free to peek inside the noodle box but Stevie will want payment for any noodle boxes that you want to open!


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