What role does each player play in the game?

Anthony – The hero that Tickputt tolerates.

Ian – He provides assistance when he is around.

Charlie The Drunk Guinea Pig – Charlie is your mentor and is always available to help you with random advice or abuse.

Teleporting Fat Guy - Teleports you to and from each quest

Ian’s Mom – She holds the secret recipes to cook up all of Anthony’s Food Battle weapons.

Stevie – The merchant: He has his own shop and will gladly sell you noodle boxes, gold or sugar crystals.

Donut Minions – The evil horde of Donut minions try to prevent Anthony from completing the quests and saving the town of Tickputt.

The Baker – Pioneer of pastry gene splicing when he attempted to splice human DNA with donut DNA.  It’s all down to him.

Edd – The pink donut hole that Ian befriends.

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